Welcome to Stone Oakvalley's videos and more - the only place on the net where you can find my creations, just because YouTube and the rest isn't cool anymore and have become a greedy, unfocused bunch of new-age social-crap-minimalism-designed, ad-driven pile of trash website of modern times. The freedom of creative minds, making creative videos have no say anymore in such places - this website is here to inspire others to take back the ownership and remove 99% of the other filth that YouTube throws back at your browser and let YOU run the show - as you want to present it. Please note that this site is for my own creations, so don't except any "upload your video" here. There is absolutely no traces of comments, LIKES or any other stupid social-linking-icon activities going on in here!

S T O N E   O A K V A L L E Y
O N E   C R A Z Y   M U L T I   T A L E N T
Today its Saturday, July 20, 2024 @

I pride myself of shooting my productions on real analogic tapes (S-VHS/VHS) as much as possible. It was great in the 80's and continues to be so.
Why not, when its already real and easily accessible?

Stop faking the VHS-look in your favourite filter plugin :-)
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